nevermore collective

  building // informing 

 Our role is two-fold: We work together to help non-profit organizations grow through technology. We also take deeper dives into existing non profits to help inform the public on the issues, and how each non profit is battling back.

NPOs: We’ve Got You Covered

501(c)3 Foundations

For new startups, we strategize, develop, then help you apply for your 501c3 status.


Consultation on fundraisers, volunteer management, stake holder communication & more.


From online presence, to fundraising, to administrative documentation.

Website Development

We’ll build and maintain your online presence. Including setting up email, donor & volunteer management and more.

Donors and Volunteers: Get Informed

Information is Power

We know how important it is to be well informed when donating and volunteering. We work non profits to learn more about their mission, programs and constituents and share that with you. So you can make informed decisions with your time and money.

The Podcast

We interview the people involved with each non profit: from the volunteers to the donors. Get to know who you’re giving to.

The Breakdown

We do a full issues and solutions breakdown with every non profit we work with, and present that to you, the donor. 

Our Current Partner

Castle Rock Cares

  • 501c3  Foundations
  • Website Development
  • Consultation 

get building.

We’ll bring the tools.