We love your mission. We love the passion that you and your entire organization brings to our communities and abroad. But if you want to get funding from foundations, corporate sponsorships, the local Rotary club or the Walmart grant program – you need numbers.

One great example, while we work closely with a new start-up nonprofit that provides food and commodities to the food insecure, is measuring the weight in pounds of food collected and distributed. For example, a food focused non profit should be able to report:

March 2019 Total Food Donations Received (in pounds): 560
March 2019 Total Food Donations provided to constituents (in pounds): 480
March 2019 Total Food Donations unrecoverable (expiration): 80

This is great. Why? Because it gives your potential funders something to grasp in terms of the impact you are making.

Anyone can throw out an amazing vision and mission statement, but that’s only a small piece of the battle. Funders want to see action, results and progress.

So what do you do if you just started out, and have low numbers? Apply anyway. Apply and use the numbers and programs you have currently. If you get denied this year and reapply next year, you can show the progress made over the last 12 months and gain more traction.

Numbers. Mean. Everything.